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Configuring Dell EMC PowerFlex Integration

  1. From the Settings tab, click Integrations in the Probes and Integrations section, and then click the View button for Dell EMC PowerFlex.

    The Dell EMC PowerFlex page is displayed, with information about existing PowerFlex integrations.

  2. To create a new Dell EMC PowerFlex Integration, click New.

    The New Dell EMC PowerFlex page is displayed.

  3. Complete the following fields:






    All fields are required.

    The Use SSL checkbox is on by default. If selected, you must either upload your certificate from your local system using the Browse button or fetch the certificate from yourPowerFlex system using the Fetch button. If the Use SSL check box is not selected, the Certificate File field is not present. Please see the SSL Certificate Handling section for more details.

  4. Click Browse to select a Certificate File.

  5. You can click Save at any time to save the current status of the operation.

  6. Click Save and then Start Discovery.