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Configuring an Azure Integration

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform. With the Azure integration in Virtana Platform, you can manage and optimize the cost of your entire cloud infrastructure. Cloud Cost Management (CCM) requires Reader role permissions of your Azure environment, which can be granted using the Owner or User Access Administrator roles.


If your Azure account is enrolled in an EA (Enterprise Administrator) setup, please ensure the "AO view charges" setting is enabled so assets within subscriptions have access to cost data. See Azure's documentation for how to confirm it's enabled.


If your Azure account is enrolled with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), please ensure that the cost visibility policy for Azure Usage charges is set to Yes. This setting grants assets within your subscriptions access to cost data. See Azure's documentation for how to enable the policy to view Azure usage charges.

To complete the Azure integration with Virtana Platform you can use either the Azure CLI or the Azure Portal. The Azure CLI process is easier and provides the best user experience.


In all Azure configuration tasks, the steps performed in Azure were accurate at the time the tasks were written. If the Azure interface changes, some steps might be different than described.