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Configure the IPM Virtual Distributed Edition Cluster

After deploying the IPM OVA images to your three VMs and allowing them to start, you must form the Distributed Virtual Edition cluster, following the steps below.

  1. Enter the following URL into your browser, replacing "IPADDRESS" with the IP address of your intended manager node. Be sure to include the port number, 9443, as shown below. Sign in using the default IPM administrator credentials: Administrator/admin.


  2. Enter the IP addresses of your two worker nodes into the form, as shown below (left), and then click the Initialize Distributed VW button. You will then see a status screen as shown in the image below (right).


  3. After observing that initialization is complete (see below), you may continue with system setup by configuring any additional network settings, and then completing the Configuration Checklist.


In the next steps, you'll configure additional IPM settings.