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Configure Software Integrations

Some IPM integrations are packaged with the OVA. Others must be uploaded and installed separately. You can enable and configure all integrations from the Settings > Integrations page.

About This Task


If you intend to configure Cisco SAN or Brocade SAN, you must configure those integrations before you configure any other IPM integrations.


  1. If needed, log in to IPM and access the Configuration Checklist from the <username> (Administrator) menu.

  2. In the Configuration Checklist, click Configure Software Integrations.


    The Integrations page displays from the Settings tab.The zero (0) following the integration name indicates that no integrations of that type have been configured. That number changes after you configure an integration.

  3. To enable integrations, click Add for any integration under Available Integrations.

    The integration you added now displays under My Integrations.

  4. To configure an integration, click View for an integration under My Integrations.

    Important: If you are using Brocade SAN or Cisco SAN, configure those integrations before configuring any others.

  5. Complete the configuration information and subscribe the integration instance.

Configuration information is available in the Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management User Guide for the integrations included with IPM, or in the individual user guide for each integration that you upload and install. The guides are accessible by clicking the More Info button for any integration.