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Configure ServiceNow for Virtana Platform Integration

Before you can add a ServiceNow integration in Virtana Platform, you must perform some configuration tasks in ServiceNow.

About This Task

You must create a non-interactive user account in ServiceNow that provides access to ServiceNow APIs through webservices. This user cannot log in directly to the ServiceNow system.

You must also add Virtana Platform to the ServiceNow Application Registry to establish OAuth access.

For further details, see the ServiceNow documentation.

  1. Log in to the ServiceNow Service Management console as an administrator.

  2. In the left navigation pane, search for "user admin" and select User Administration > Users from the results.

  3. Complete the User form, selecting Web service access only and ensure Active is enabled.

  4. Under the Roles tab, click the Edit button.

  5. Add the itil and personalize_dictionary roles, then click Save.

    These roles are needed to be able to access the ServiceNow Change Request fields from the Virtana UI, where they can be populated with default values for each created policy.

  6. Search for "system oauth" and select System OAuth > Application Registry from the results.

  7. Click New and then click Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients from the popup list.

  8. Complete the form and submit.

    The new name appears in the registries table.


    The name must be unique and should identify the application for which you require OAuth access. For example, "Virtana".

    You can use the default settings.

    Details about the fields are available in the ServiceNow documentation, if you need them.

  9. Click the name of the application you just registered.

    Example: Virtana

    The OAuth client application details opens.

  10. Click the lock icon for the Client Secret.

    The secret password displays below the field.

  11. Copy and save the Name, Client ID, and Client Secret, then close the form.

    You need to add this information to the integration configuration form in Virtana Platform.

  12. You can log out of ServiceNow.

Now that you have the required information, you must add the values to Virtana Platform.

Next Steps

Configure Virtana Platform for ServiceNow Integration