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Configure Multiple NICs

When you first set up your Appliance, you specify the configuration for NIC0 using the MGMT port. NIC0 is active by default and cannot be disabled. You can configure any, none, or all of the following NICs: NIC1, NIC2, NIC3, and NIC4. The example in this section configures NICs 1-4.

To configure the Appliance:

  1. From the Settings screen, click Network Setup and Utilities.

  2. The current settings for VW4210/4220, Network Ports, DNS and Hostname, and Time and Region are summarized on the Network Setup page.

  3. Click the Edit button corresponding to Network Ports.

  4. The Network Ports Configuration page displays. Click the Configure More NICs button.

  5. The screen area is displayed below the setup for NIC0 and above the Configure More NICs button.


    You can click the “x,” to the right of the Network address setup for drop down to remove the NIC configuration from the system.

    The Obtain an IPv4 address automatically radio button is selected by default. Use this button to configure the Appliance using DHCP.

    If you want to configure the Appliance using a static IP address, select the Set the IPv4 information manually radio button. Selection of this radio button displays the IPv4 address, IPv4 mask, and IPv4 gateway fields.



    If you change from static IP to DHCP connectivity as part of the network configuration of the Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management appliance, the DNS settings are not updated by DHCP. You must manually update the DNS settings.

  6. Start by configuring NIC1:

    1. Select NIC1 from the Network address setup for drop down menu.

    2. Enter a Description for the NIC.

      In this example, the description for NIC1 is “SAN Performance Probes.”

    3. Select the Set the IPv4 information manually radio button and enter the information for the IPv4 address, IPv4 mask and IPv4 gateway fields.

      In this example, the IPv4 address is, the IPv4 mask is, and the IPv4 Gateway is

  7. Click the Configure More NICs button to configure another NIC. Each time that you click this button a new NIC configuration screen displays.

    Repeat Step ??? for each NIC that you want to configure.

  8. Add the routes for the NICs you added. In this example, we'll add the route for NIC1. Click the Add button next to Routes.

  9. Enter the route information (subnet, mask, gateway, and description) and click Save.

  10. The Info dialog displays. The appliance restarts and returns you to the Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management login page.

  11. To verify the changes, return to the Network Setup page and review the configuration.


If RemoteWisdom was enabled during the initial appliance set up, it was assigned to NIC0. If you choose to reassign RemoteWisdom to another NIC, follow these steps:

  1. Select the NIC from the Select required port for RemoteWisdom drop-down menu. Only configured NICs are listed in this menu.

  2. Optionally, you can specify a gateway for RemoteWisdom. If no Gateway is specified, the gateway of the RemoteWisdom NIC is used.