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Composite Workloads

A Composite Workload (CW) is a powerful framework that enables you to run multiple protocol workloads with different workload characteristics at the same time. Good examples of Composite Workloads are:

  • Application with several different I/O characteristics or profiles, for example, database workloads.

  • Application accessing different IO Regions, for example, VDI infrastructures.

  • Multi-protocol workloads, each with its own protocol workload characteristics, accessing one or more SUT Services. A good example of this is a rack of virtualized servers in a data center.

You can use the Composite Workload Editor (CWE) to create a composite workload. The CWE is designed to support up to 100 workloads and up to 100 Links in each Composite Workload (that is, a Composite Workload made up of 100 workloads or 100 links, whichever limit is reached first).