Comparing Cloud Costs Using Cost Analysis

Migrate's Cost Analysis provides a comparison of the estimated costs you would incur based on which Cloud Service Provider (CSP) you select. This allows you to model potential savings before you migrate your data to the cloud.

The cost analysis is based on the resources in your move groups that you create in Migrate. In addition to selecting a CSP, you can set a few other parameters to refine the cost estimates, such as the region in which your resources would reside, the headroom allotted to VMs, etc. Virtana Platform keeps current with the continuous changes in CSP costs and offerings.

Cost Analysis output displays a list of any VMs that are excluded from the cost analysis calculations. These are VMs that could not provide the information needed for analysis. There are a number of reasons why VMs fail cost data validation, such as blank columns or bad data format in the data file, a referenced host that does not exist, duplicated VMs, etc. If you want to include any of the excluded compute instances, you need to determine the reason the VM was excluded, correct the issue, then collect data and upload the new file to Virtana Platform.

For the move group you select, Cost Analysis provides the total non-consumable Capital Expense (CapEx) and ongoing business Operating Expense (OpEx) costs for those move group resources in your source location. This is your starting point for comparison with various CSP costs at a potential target location. Cost Analysis estimates are based on right-sized resources, which means that the analysis first determines the most efficient CSP configurations for the resources in your move group.

In addition to a high-level overview of costs, you can also view detailed estimates by network, I/O, storage, and compute. A breakdown per compute instance is also provided for each CSP instance type (on-demand, reserved, custom, etc.).