Common Import Errors

The following table contains some common errors that can occur during import.

Table 72.



Only HBA port or storage port can be identified by WWN

An entity other than HBA Port or Storage Port was used to map an alias.

Either entity name or WWN must be set

The entity name or WWN parameter for a child entity was omitted. Add the entity name or WWN.

ITL patterns can only be set with application type entities

An ITL pattern was added to the wrong entity type. Remove the ITL pattern and use valid children.

Invalid ITL Pattern. Allowed patterns are IT* and ITL

An invalid ITL combination was configured. Use either IT* or ITL. All other patterns are invalid.

Invalid initiator

Initiator WWN does not exist or has an invalid name.

Invalid target

Target WWN does not exist or has an invalid name.

Invalid added child entities

Entities either do not exist or entity type is not valid for child association (i.e., wrong hierarchy, such as adding a storage port into a host). Review the added children and remove the invalid children.

Invalid remove child entities

Listed entities cannot be removed or do not exist.

Invalid WWN

WWN is incorrect, does not exist, or has not been discovered yet.