This installation method leverages a CloudFormation script which can be viewed here. You can also View a list of permissions granted by the IAM role.

After you make a new AWS integration in CloudWisdom, the script populates a read-only IAM role in your AWS account and links it using the integration’s Account ID and External ID. Once created, it may take a few minutes for the status to be updated.

  1. Create an AWS Integration in CloudWisdom

    1. Open CloudWisdom and navigate to Integrations > Amazon Web Services.

      • If this is not your first AWS integration, select + Add Integration.

    2. Enable Cost Explorer API if applicable to this integration.

      • Note: Only one AWS datasource may have Cost Explorer API enabled; CloudWisdom recommends enabling Cost Explorer on your management account.

    3. Enable Cost & Usage Reports if applicable to this integration.

    4. Select the CloudFormation script link under Configure AWS Permissions. This opens a new tab in AWS.

    5. Check I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources.

    6. Select Create Stack. This process may take a few minutes. Wait for the stack to say CREATE_COMPLETE before proceeding to the next section.

  2. Add RoleARN to the New AWS Integration

    1. Select the stack you have created. It will start with CloudWisdom.

    2. Navigate to the Outputs tab.

    3. Copy the Role ARN Value.

    4. Return to CloudWisdom.

    5. Input the Role ARN into IAM Role ARN. Make sure there are no extra spaces once you have pasted the value into the field.

    6. Save.

CloudFormation Permissions