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Cloud Mapping

During migration planning, the assets to be moved to the cloud are put into move groups. To determine the cost of moving your assets to the cloud, your current on-premises assets must be mapped into the cloud based on identified workloads. To determine workload, we leverage CPU data, Network data, Storage data, Host information, and VM information.

Virtana Migrate Services performs a vendor-agnostic cloud mapping and cost search in the CSPs' latest published specifications. They determine the rightsized cloud mapping or configuration (including compute, storage, and egress network traffic) at the lowest possible cost.

During calculations, the migration services team does the following:

  • Determines which type of compute device (CPU and ephemeral memory) can accommodate the workload.

  • References a specific CSP's price list and maps to a corresponding hardware type.

  • Uses the cloud provider’s price list to determine the corresponding monthly cost for this VM, based on the hardware type.

The storage hardware types used for each CSP are:

  • AWS: EBS General Purpose SSD (gp3) and Provisioned IOPS SSD

  • Azure: Managed Ultra Disk, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, Standard HDD