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Certificate Management

The Certificate Management task allows you to generate a security certificate for use with Infrastructure Performance Management. You can bypass the trusted security certificate warning by generating your own security certificate request and using that request to get a certificate signed by a certificate authority such as Verisign.

It is recommended that you generate your own security certificate and have it signed by the certificate authority of your choice.

Follow these steps to generate a security certificate for Infrastructure Performance Management.:

  1. From the Settings screen, click Certificate Management.

    The Certificate Management screen is displayed.

  2. Click Generate CSR to generate a certificate signing request.

    The Generate CSR dialog box displays.

  3. Enter the following information in the Generate CSR dialog box:

    Table 9. Generate CSR Dialog Parameters




    Two-letter ISO code for the country in which you are located. Required.


    Province, region, county, or state in which you are located (no abbreviations). Required.


    Name of the city in which you are located (no abbreviations). Required.


    Name of your company. Required.


    Name of your department or organizational unit. Required.

    Server FQDN

    Fully-qualified domain name for your organization. Required.


    Email address of the contact at your company, generally an administrator or the IT department.


    You must use a FQDN for Hostname in Appliance Network Settings.


    Do not use backslash (\) or double quote (") character in the Certificate Management Request.

  4. Click OK.

    The Generate CSR dialog box disappears and you see a message is displayed indicating CSR generation as well as the date and time of the CSR’s generation.

  5. Click the CSR to get the option to view or download the CSR.

  6. Deliver the generated CSR to your certificate authority using your normal process.

    After you get your certificate back from the certificate authority, follow these steps:

  7. Complete the SSL Certificate by clicking Browse to find your SSL certificate. Concatenate the root certificate, all intermediate certificates, and the signed certificate into one file.

  8. Click Upload to upload the certificate.

    You are logged out of your UI session. In approximately one minute you are directed to the Infrastructure Performance Management. Login screen.