Cassandra Metrics

Due to the sheer volume of Cassandra metrics, the individual metrics won’t be documented here. Instead, here are some general properties of the groups of metrics:

All Metrics Share the Following Properties:

  • Type: GAUGE

  • Statistic: average

  • Min: 0

  • Sparse Data Strategy: None

  • BASE: Yes

  • CORR: No

  • UTIL: No

Ending in Latency.OneMinute Rate:

  • Unit: ms (milliseconds)

Non-latency OneMinuteRate Metrics:

  • Unit = ops (operations per second)

Contains HeapSize, DataSize, DiskSpace, Memory, or RowSize:

  • Unit: bytes

Ending With HitRate or Ratio:

  • Unit: percentunit (i.e. percentage represented as a value between 0 and 1)

  • Max: 1