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Calculate Move Group Dependencies

When you upload a project to Workload Placement, calculations are automatically performed to assign applications and compute instances into move groups labeled Easy, Medium, and Hard. You can calculate new move groups or recalculate existing move groups by using the Calculate Move Groups button on the Inventory tab.

The Easy, Medium, and Hard designations are calculated based on how simple or complex the interdependencies are between entities in the move group and entities elsewhere in your environment. This information can help you to identify potential risks and establish priorities for the data to be migrated.



Before creating a move group, calculate dependencies for the applications you are considering moving together and make adjustments to the applications as needed.


  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab.

  2. Select the move groups to calculate.

    Do one of the following:

    • Click Create Groups By Complexity.

      This option calculates the relationships of all, or the selected, applications and compute instances. The relationships are assessed to determine which should be relatively easiest or hardest to move and recommended move groups are provided labeled Easy, Medium, and Hard.

    • Click Calculate All Applications.

    • Click the checkbox next to a move group, and then click Calculate 1 Application.

    • Click checkboxes next to multiple move groups and then click Calculate for n Application(s).

    The number of items selected displays in the column footer and on the Calculate button.

    A message momentarily displays in the lower left, indicating the status of the calculation.

    The page becomes inaccessible while the calculations are being performed. You can still access other areas of the software, but be sure to return to this page and save the calculations.

    Depending on the objects in the group, the calculation can take awhile.

  3. When the calculation completes, click Save.

    Ensure you save after the calculations complete, to retain the calculations.

  4. Navigate to Move Groups > Move Group List.

    Use the information to verify that the group was added, that the correct objects are in the move group, to plan sizing, etc.

  5. Click on Move Groups > Analysis Summary.

    Use this information to identify issues that can affect the migration, such as bandwidth requirements between groups, if move groups are independent enough to move separately or if some must be moved together, etc.

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