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Block Protocol FC-NVMe Workloads

FC-NVMe workloads emulate the process of accessing NVMe block devices across a Fibre Channel fabric. For NVMe access, there are far fewer metadata commands relative to SCSI access. This is because the NVMe specification was designed from scratch to be simple, scalable, and optimized for modern flash storage devices. To characterize NVMe data it is important to understand the basic command mix, if the data is being accessed sequentially or randomly, the I/O request sizes, any hotspots, data content, how namespaces are being used, and the effect of NVMe queues.


You can use FC-NVMe workloads in Composite Workloads, Workload Suites, and Iteration Suites. However, you cannot mix FC-NVMe workloads with non-FC-NVMe workloads in the same Composite Workload or the same Workload Suite.