Bill Analysis Tab

With Bill Analysis, you can:

  • View data in graphical or tabular format

  • Track short and long-term spending trends with the period comparison view

  • Compare the cost of a certain service in relation to your whole services portfolio with the stacked view

  • Filter by services, attributes, and tags

  • Save your configured reports for future use

Bill Analysis Report Page

From this page you can:

  • Create or edit reports

  • Save reports

  • View report data in a chart and in a table

  • Print the chart



Hover over any item in the chart to see detailed information. Click the items below the chart to filter those items in or out of the chart.

Report Edit Form

The following images show the content of the form that displays when you click the report Edit button on the bill analysis dashboard.


The following image shows the Additional Data Filtering, Options, and Matching Conditions areas expanded.


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