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Bill Analysis Page

Bill Analysis delivers complete visibility into multi-cloud costs and billings. You can generate report data for your Azure or AWS integrations across all of your consolidated or linked accounts

From here, you can view reports about the costs of cloud accounts compared to prior periods and broken down by a wide choice of factors, such as service, location, region, operating system, platform, and numerous other options.

Some things you can do with Bill Analysis reports:

  • Identify changes in your cloud environment

  • Track short and long-term spending trends with the period comparison view

  • Compare the cost of a certain service in relation to your whole services portfolio, using the stacked view

  • Filter by services, attributes, and tags

  • Save your configured reports for future use

From the Bill Analysis page you can perform the following actions:

  • Create, edit, and save Bill Analysis report settings

  • View report data in graphical or tabular format

  • Download report data in a .xlsx spreadsheet

  • Print the chart or download it in a variety of format

  • Edit and save report filters

  • Schedule CSO reports for emailing



Hover over any item in the chart to see detailed information. Click the items in the legend below the chart to filter those items in or out of the chart.