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Azure Portal Setup


Virtana recommends setting up Azure using the CLI for the best integration experience.

If you prefer to use the Microsoft Azure portal to collect the information needed for the integration setup in Virtana Platform, you must have administrative access to both the Azure portal and Virtana Platform.


  • You must have an administrator role in Azure and in Virtana Platform.

    If you cannot assign yourself the application administrator role, you must request it from your Azure administrator. For more information, see the Microsoft documentation.

  • You must have installed the Azure CLI.


If your Azure account is enrolled in an EA (Enterprise Administrator) setup, please ensure the "AO view charges" setting is enabled so assets within subscriptions have access to cost data. See Azure's documentation for how to confirm it's enabled.


If your Azure account is enrolled with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), please ensure that the cost visibility policy for Azure Usage charges is set to Yes. This setting grants assets within your subscriptions access to cost data. See Azure's documentation for how to enable the policy to view Azure usage charges.

Perform the following tasks: