Azure Idle Resources Report

About the Azure Idle Resources Report

Keep track of all of your unused Azure storage resources with our Azure Idle Resources report. The report supports daily email notifications to keep you informed of changes.

The Azure Idle Resources report shows you disk resources that are attached to stopped VMs. The report shows you a snapshot of the idle resources at the point in time the report was run.

  1. To use the Azure Idle Resources reports, navigate to Cost Management, then select Idle Resources. Click on the Azure Idle Resources tab at the top of the page.

  2. Click on CONFIGURE to change the report settings. You can change the scope of the idle resource analysis and the display options.

    Changing the Scope of Analysis

    Use the Include or Exclude fields to filter the report to include/exclude resources based on their name, cost attribute, or tag. For example, to filter the report by a tag like Department, click on the Tag dropdown in the Include row, scroll down to the tag, then select the desired value and click Apply.


    The report is filtered to show only the idle disk resources for the selected tag value.


    Changing the Display Settings

    You can change the field used to sort the report. Click on the Sorting dropdown and choose a different field to sort the report. In the example below, we'll change the report to sort by the Cost field, and the sort order to Descending.


    The report is now sorted by Monthly Cost, in descending order.


Additional Report Options

A number of additional report options are available for the report:

  1. Download the report in CSV format.

  2. Save the report.


    You can set up a schedule to send the report on a daily basis to yourself or members of your team by selecting the Send Daily Email button and selecting an email address from the drop-down list. You can also enter a new email address.

    To disable the daily emailed report, select the report from the drop-down list and click the pencil icon.


    Toggle the Send Daily Email button to the off position.

  3. Clear all report settings (return to default report settings).

  4. Rerun the report (refresh the report data to the current point in time).

  5. Exclude an element from the report. Click on the element name to view a pop up that lets you exclude that element from the current report view.