Azure CLI

This installation method is recommended by Virtana for setting up your Azure integration with CloudWisdom.

  1. Install the Azure CLI

    1. Download the Azure CLI (Windows 10 users may have this already installed and available through the Windows PowerShell).

    2. Install the CLI.

  2. Obtain Azure Credentials

    Use the CLI to obtain your Azure Client ID, Password, Subscription ID, and Tenant ID. All of these values must be provided to set up an Azure integration within CloudWisdom.

    1. Open the Windows PowerShell (or any command line shell).

    2. Use the command az login. This prompts a browser sign-in request to Azure.

    3. Return to the CLI.

    4. Save the following account values:

      • TenantId: Used for the Tenant ID in CloudWisdom.

      • Id: Used for the Subscription ID in CloudWisdom.

    5. Run the following command to create read permissions for CloudWisdom in Azure adding in your id for subscription-id :

      az ad sp create-for-rbac --role "Monitoring Reader" --name CloudWisdomReader --scopes /subscriptions/<subcription-id>


      You must have the administrator role to perform this task. Please assign the application administrator role to the account you are using to login and execute the command.


      When adding additional integrations, you'll need to specify a different name, e.g., CloudWisdomReader-1, CloudWisdomReader-2, etc. The name must be unique for each integration.

    6. Save the following values:

      • appId: Used for the Client ID in CloudWisdom.

      • password: Used for the Access Key in CloudWisdom.

  3. Create Azure Integration in CloudWisdom

    1. Open CloudWisdom in a separate tab.

    2. Navigate to Integrations > Microsoft Azure.

    3. Use the Azure IDs provided in the CLI to set up the integration.

    4. Save.

    You can review the app from your Azure Portal by following this link and navigating to the All applications tab.



    Follow the instructions on Guest OS Diagnostic Metrics to enable guest OS diagnostic metrics on your VMs. The additional metrics provided, such as memory utilization, are required for CloudWisdom’s Azure cost reports.Enable Guest OS Diagnostic Metrics