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Application Entity Discovery

Auto-Discovered Application Entities

The AppDynamics, ServiceNow, and Dynatrace integrations automatically discover applications. IPM application entities are created automatically for these integrations.

IPM also interprets AppDynamics tiering strategies, allowing you to map the AppDynamics tiers to IPM tiers.


Application entities (IP address, Host, ESX VM, Hyper-V VM, and PowerVM partition) must already exist in IPM prior to application discovery through the application-related (AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and ServiceNow) or NetFlow integrations.

Application Entity Suggestions

For the various types of host entities that are discovered by their respective integrations (ESX VM, Hyper-V VM, Solaris Host, Windows Host, Linux Host, and KVM Host), applications will suggested based on lexical proximity (i.e., by entity name) .

Application suggestions are also made based on NetFlow and netstat utility port- and service-related data that are collected by the Windows and Linux integrations. Within these categories, other machine mechanisms are by-process-name, by-top-talkers, and by-port-signature.

A button on the Application inventory page tells you when new suggestions are available.


Drill down on the suggested application to view its properties.


Suggested Application Page

Properties discovered by the integration are displayed under System Properties.


The topology of the suggested application is shown with the ability to zoom in or out. An Infrastructure map is also included to the right.  Highlighting an entity in the topology map filters the infrastructure map for that entity.


The sub-entities that comprise the application are shown along with their type and a drop down menu to view more info. You can add or delete entities using the buttons at the top right of the list.


Use the Create Application or Ignore Suggestion buttons at the top right of the page to create the app or ignore this suggestion.  The suggestion is no longer shown.


Suggested Application Changes

A button on the Application inventory page tells you when changes have been made to existing applications.


Drill down on the application to view its suggested changes.


Review the suggested changes, then select which changes to apply or ignore all changes.


Resolving Application Overlap with Conflict Management

Conflicts can occur only between a ServiceNow-discovered app and an application discovered by either the Operating System Integration or NetFlow integration. If a conflict occurs between Operating System integration and NetFlow Integration applications, the conflicts are merged into a single suggested application. If a suggested application is ignored, it is ignored for 30 days; however, that time period is configurable.

  1. Click Inventory and then Application.

    The Application screen is displayed.


    Discovered applications are also displayed by clicking either the <#> New or <#> with suggestions button.

  2. Click one of the Application Discovery buttons.

    The <#> New Applications Discovered or <#> Updated Applications Discovered dialog box is displayed. Suggested applications might have missing or extraneous components.

  3. Click the suggested application to be examined for conflict resolution.


    Detailed information about the application is displayed.


    This information includes system properties, custom properties, topology and infrastructure.


    Entity information is also displayed, and entities can be added or deleted.

  4. You can create or ignore a suggested application, apply all or selected changes, or ignore all changes.