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API Token Management

As an alternative to UI access, APIs provide stateless, token-based authentication access to some IPM Appliance configuration functionality, including:

  • Network, DNS, Host Name

  • User Management (create, update delete)

  • LDAP server configuration

  • Email (SMTP server)

  • Syslogs

The token is an auto-generated random alphanumeric identifier composed of user-visible and secret parts. The secret part is visible only during the generation process, when it can be copied to scripts that access the APIs.

Displaying Token Information

  1. Click the API Token Management function on the Settings tab.

    The API Token Management page is displayed.

  2. To display or edit information about an API token, click the row.

    The Update API Token screen is displayed. You can change the expiration date and/or description.



    API Key

    User-visible key

    Created By

    User ID of creator

    Created On

    Token generation date (optional)

    Expiration Date

    Date expires


    Function of the token

  3. If you make changes, click the Save button.

    To create a new token:

  4. Click the Create New Token button.

    The Create API Token page is displayed.

    Specify an expiration date (optional) and a description.

  5. Click the Save button.

    The API Secret and Key page is displayed. The secret part of the key is highlighted so it can easily be copied.


    This is the only time in the process that the secret part of the key is displayed. If you forget the key, generate a new token.

  6. Copy the highlighted Secret field.

  7. Click OK.

    The Create API Token page is displayed. The token is added to the existing list, and public identifier is shown in the API Key field.

  8. Paste the secret token into the script(s) to be submitted to the API.