Analysis Process

On-premises usage is discovered and is converted to public cloud costs per the VMs in the move group you choose to analyze. Costs are based on the pricing policy of each cloud platform.

It is particularly important to understand your network and I/O usage because network and I/O incur significant costs in the cloud, as compared to on-premises.

When data is collected to upload to Virtana Platform, there are commonly some compute instances that are unreachable or cannot provide all the information required for cost analysis. In such cases, before we perform cost analysis, a table displays presenting compute instances that will not be included in the pricing calculations. If you want these compute instances included in the pricing calculations, you need to verify configuration parameters of your data collector, such as VirtualWisdom, and re-collect your on-premise data again.

Some of the factors considered in the analysis process include the following:


  • Parent host data

  • Hardware make and model

  • CPU type, cores, and speed

  • Memory

  • Storage capacity and storage type

Virtual (VMs)

  • Parent host data

  • vCPUs

  • Memory

  • Storage

  • Subnet

  • Guest OS

  • Power-on state

Utilization history

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Network activity

  • Disk I/O activity

CSP services and features considered in the recommendation process:

  1. Selecting optimal compute type

  2. Selecting optimal license type

  3. Right-sizing

  4. Application uptime

  5. Elastic architecture

  6. Windows licensing

  7. Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

  8. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  9. Serverless Compute / Containers as a Service (CaaS)

  10. VMware on AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud