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Advanced Load Profile (Temporal Workloads Only)

Temporal Workloads automatically determine the distribution and load of the commands. Use the Advanced Load Profile to display the level of total IOPs that are performed during each period of the workload.


While the IOPs section gives a more commonly view depiction of IO in which the points are connected, that load profile displays the level that is maintained for a period of time before moving to a new level.


The workload automatically adjusts the number of IOPs for reads and writes attempted according to the chart displayed. If there are significant numbers of other IOs, consider adding those using TDE. The commands issued can be determined by looking at the original production workload that was used to make the workload.


The workload can be limited to a certain time period by selecting the time period of interest before starting the workload. If the duration of the test is longer than the selected time period, the pattern repeats until the duration is reached.