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Additional S3 Options

The S3 Cleanup Workload has the following additional option.

The S3 Cleanup workload provides additional options to filter out a specific set of Buckets and / or Objects to delete from the Object Storage System.

  1. Go to the Parameters section of the Start or Edit page for the cloned S3 Cleanup workload.

  2. Use the simple options to simply specify one text based wildcard for Buckets and one for Objects, or use the advanced options to apply multiple text based wildcards for Buckets and multiple for Objects. With the advanced options, you can optionally use regex in the matches fields.


All Bucket fields are connected together with a logical AND, and all Object fields are connected together with a logical AND. If a field is blank, then that field is ignored.

In the example above:

  • The following Buckets would be included in the Object delete list: mybucket_test01_temp, mybucket_test02_temp

  • The following Buckets would be excluded from the Object delete list: mybucket_do_not_delete_test01_temp, mybucket_all

  • Within the list of included Buckets:

    • The following Objects would be deleted: myobject_101_to_delete_user9, myobject_102_to_delete_user9.

    • The following Objects would not be deleted: myobject_101_save_user9, myobject_to_delete_user10.

  • If a Bucket that is included in the list of Buckets is empty, then it will be deleted.