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Adding Custom Pricing for Migration

If you have custom pricing with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), you can include that custom pricing so that Workload Placement can use it for on-premise cost calculations, instead of the general CSP pricing.

About This Task

To use custom pricing, you must download the Migration Analysis file set, modify one of the CSV files, and upload all the files to Virtana Workload Placement.


After the CSV file is uploaded to Workload Placement, the prices cannot be updated in that file. You would have to update and upload a new set of Migration Analysis files.


Follow the instructions for downloading Migration Analysis files.


  1. Uncompress the Migration Analysis archive file.

    The archive file is downloaded to the location set as your default download folder in your browser. The file name will be similar to this example:

  2. Open the custom_price_list.csv file.

    The file is located at migrate-data/vm_inventory/vw_inventory/host_info/custom_price_list.csv.

    Example of a completed custom_price_list.csv file:

  3. Add appropriate content to the following columns:

    • CapEx: Dollar amount of CapEx for the host (hardware plus software); excludes storage. For vi-02.local in the example above, the CapEx value is $9000.

    • Opex_per_year: Dollar amount of operational expenses for the host per year. For vi-02.local in the example above, the Opex per year value is $500.

    • LifeTime: Lifetime of the host, in months, over which the CapEx is to be amortized. An entry of -1 means 36 months. In the example shown above, all LifeTime values are 36 months.

    • storageCost: Dollar amount of storage cost for the host. For vi-02.local in the example above, the storageCost value is $200.

    If values are not provided for a host, default cost values based on industry averages will apply during Workload Placement calculations.

  4. Recompress all of the Migration Analysis files.

  5. Upload the files to Workload Placement following the instructions for creating a project in Virtana Platform.

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