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Adding Additional Virtual Disk Space to Distributed Virtual Edition VMs

Use Case: Migrating from a 4210 Appliance to Distributed Virtual Edition

In cases where a IPM backup, e.g., taken from a 4210 Appliance, won't fit on a Distributed Virtual Edition (DVE) three-node deployment, additional virtual disk space can be added to each of the three DVE VMs. The general procedure is as follows.

  1. Shutdown each VM in the DVE cluster.

  2. Edit the settings of each VM and add an appropriately sized hard disk, following VMware's instructions.

  3. Power on each VM. VW will automatically detect and provision the virtual hard disk.

The following should be observed.

  • DVE only supports having a single virtual hard disk attached to a node.

  • You must ensure the VMware datastore has sufficient space for the newly provisioned virtual hard disk(s).

  • The size of the virtual hard disk must be larger than the VMs' VMDKs (> 540GB).

  • Virtual hard disks cannot be resized to be smaller than the initial size, nor can they be detached.

  • Any or all of the the DVE nodes can have a virtual hard disk. Virtana's current best practice is to keep all DVE disks the same size on all nodes.

  • The virtual hard disk(s) can be subsequently enlarged if necessary in the future.


If you don't how much space to allocate for each DVE node's virtual hard disk, please reach out to Virtana Support for assistance before proceeding.