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Adding a Workload Generator

Follow these steps to add a Workload Generator to WorkloadWisdom:

  1. Click Add Generator from the New Item Menu drop-down menu.

  2. Enter the following information for the Workload Generator:

    • Name for the Workload Generator.

    • IP Address of the Workload Generator.

    • Optionally, a Description of the Workload Generator.

    • Optionally, a Tag List to facilitate searching.

    • Choose the Privacy drop-down to show or hide the Workload Generator from the public generator list.


      If you set the Privacy to Private, then other User accounts will not be able to see or use this Workload Generator.

  3. Click Create Generator to add the Workload Generator.

  4. Confirm that the Workload Generator appears in the list of generators. Select Generators from the bread crumbs list at the top-left of the screen. The Workload Generator that you added should display in the list.



Each of the Workload Generator Test Ports is listed along with their speed and current state. A red port state indicates that the Test Port is currently in use.