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Adding a Report as tab in Inventory View

New in IPM version 7.1.5 is the ability to add a report as a separate tab in the related entity's Inventory view. For this to work, the report must have a single variable called entity_id defined and it should be left empty (no specific entity defined). Next, configure a filter for the chart that uses the variable.


For 7.1.5, the name of the variable must be entity_id. This will be corrected in a future release.

For releases prior to and including 7.1.5, in order to edit existing inventory reports, you will need to set a property on the UI Service. The property is called and it should be set to true. Refer to Service Management topic in the Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management Administrator Guide for more information. This requirement will be eliminated in a future release.

To add a report as a tab in Inventory, do the following.

  1. Click on More > Show Attributes.

  2. Under Report Attributes, select the Show as tab in the entity details page [EntityType] checkbox, where EntityType is the entity type (e.g., ESX Host) selected for the report and related variable, and provide a name for the Inventory tab in the Tab Name field.

  3. Click Save.

Here is an example of an ESX Host Inventory view with two new tabs representing linked reports.


Preview Tab Order

While viewing an Inventory report's attributes and deciding on a tab name, you may preview the tab order by clicking on the Preview Tab Order button to the right of the Tab Name field.