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Add Workload

Once you have identified the I/O profiles for all the workloads that make up this Composite Workload, click Add Workload to begin defining the Workloads.


You can add workloads using two methods:

  • Select from Existing Workloads. Use this option if you have already created the workloads outside of the CWE. This option will bring up a browser where you can select the workloads you want to use and specify the Group to add the selected workloads to.

  • Create New Workload. Use this option if you have not already created the workloads outside of the CWE. This option will bring up a window where you can Clone from the Workload Library.

In the following example, assume you have already created four workloads outside of the CWE, each with a different load focusing on a different LUN Region, and you want to add the first Workload to the first Group, and the other three workloads to the second Group.


Click Select from Existing Workloads to choose existing workloads.

Select the workload for the first hotspot to the first group using the checkboxes and the Target Group selector.


You return to the CWE main page, which displays the changes you made.


Return to the Select from Existing Workloads browser to add the remaining three workloads across the two groups. You can also select multiple workloads at the same time.

You should now have a total of two groups and four workloads in your composite workload.


You can also specify and change the load profile for each workload. The Load Profiles you set for each Workload in the Composite Workload does not overwrite the Load Profiles saved in each Workload outside of this Composite Workload. Instead, the changes are within the scope of the Composite Workload itself. The original workloads can be used separately without unknown or unexpected changes by you or other users while working with a Composite Workload that is built from these workloads.