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Account Billing for Resellers and MSPs


The account billing functionality for resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) is currently available only for AWS and Azure.

If you are a reseller or MSP and have an organization configured as a primary parent account with a set of child sub-organization (sub-org) accounts for each of your customers, the Customers page gives you details about those sub-org accounts. You can view data such as related data sources and average VMs used. The Customers page is not available to the customers of a reseller or MSP.


Average customer VM usage is based on use from the first of the current month to the current date.

From the parent account you can view markups or discounts that you are passing on to customer accounts for reservations or savings plans. Markups or discounts purchased from the CSP directly by the sub-account customer are not reflected on the parent account.

For each customer account you can view a cost summary, both before and after markup or discount, so you can see the cost deltas. This information is visible only to the users on the primary account. You can generate a report to download or email.

End customers can view Cost Savings and Cost vs Utilization (CvU) reports, but they do not have access to Bill Analysis totals.

Total Cost Calculations

From the Customers page, you can select any customer to view details about their account. The Cost Summary tab displays the total cost for the customer and any markup or discount associated with the account.


The cost summary is computed once daily. Newly configured or modified rules are applied at the next daily computation, while right-sizing results are updated with the next weekly run.

Also, values are based on the current month, and display data for the previous day. Therefore, there will not be data for the first day of the month, until the second day.

Total Cost is calculated as follows:

  1. If the pricing strategy is “on-demand”, then the on-demand pricing is taken as the basis, regardless of whether there is a Savings Plan or Reservation attached to the resource

  2. If the pricing strategy is “passthrough” (pass the discount or markup to the customer account), then the raw cost is used as the basis.

    Raw cost is the unblended cost, amortized reservation, and savings plan costs as seen in the partner's bill (cost & usage report).

  3. The basis is multiplied by the Markup Factor designated by the MSP or reseller.

    Different markup factors can be specified using filter criteria (attributes and tags).

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